Brain Punch Games is a small Minneapolis/Saint Paul based developer. Brain Punch Games specializes in outside-the-box game design and strives to create truly unique gaming experiences. Its members include:

  • Topher Pirkl

Topher Pirkl (@PhantomFreq) is the sound designer for Brain Punch Games.  Topher is an avid guitar enthusiast.


  • Gabriel Gomez

Gabriel Gomez is the lead artist and graphic designer for Brain Punch Games. Outside of gaming he is a freelance theatrical designer. With an MFA in technical theatre he does scenic designs, projection designs, and puppetry around the MSP area. http://gabrielbgomez.wix.com/gabriel-gomez-design.  Gabe is an avid dinosaur enthusiast.


  • Jeff Gion

Jeffrey Gion (@JSGion) is a design consultant for Brain Punch Games. Jeff is a freelance theater technician in the MSP area.  Jeff is an avid tabletop RPG enthusiast. http://goinggion.wix.com/jsgion-portfolio



  • Amy Pirkl

Amy Pirkl (@pirkl8R) is the publicist for Brain Punch Games.  She is also a company member of Theatre Pro Rata, as well as the Volunteer and Events Coordinator.  Amy also is a freelance theatrical props designer.  She loves carpentry, quilting, and correct people’s speling. Amy is an avid kitten enthusiast.


  • Kyle Dobitz

Kyle Dobitz (@KyleDobitz) is the head programmer for Brain Punch Games.  Kyle is an avid world domination enthusiast.


  • Tacye Pearson

Tacye Pearson (@TacyePearson) is the events coordinator for Brain Punch Games. Outside of gaming she is a Temp and an actress in the MSP area.  Tacye is an avid Pokemon enthusiast.


  • Shane Vogel

Shane Vogel is the secondary programmer for Brain Punch Games.  Shane is an avid enthusiast of not being available to write his own bio.


*Also, a huge shoutout to all our loyal playtesters!

-Kevin “The Butt” Hermanson

-Rosa “Life Saver” Jacobs

-Maya “The Real Ghostbuster” Gwinnett

-Jerry “The Curse Magnet” Glowacki

-Amy “The Cool Amy” Tichy

-Justin “Recycled Sprite” Ozanne